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Moose in Pindale, Wyoming

Today was a really good day. After work I headed up north of town to view the mountains. The Wind River Range seems to extend just about forever. The only way to really capture the extent of it is with a video.

After spending some time shooting hoops at Pinedale’s amazing Aquatic Center, I headed out for a walk along the river. I have seen moose there several times, but was not quite ready for today’s experience. Across the river there were four moose. A momma, her two twins (one male, one female) and a mature bull. Of course, they were on the trail blocking my return to the Jeep (where my real camera was stored.)

Luckily, my phone does okay with video and this was the result.

What a wonderful experience to watch the moose as they enjoy lunch.

In order to get to...

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